• Children and grandchildren. Everyone knows music is food for the brain and food for the soul. It fine tunes motor skills, strengthens mathematical areas of the brain and even connects to language and communication skills. It gives kids an outlet to express themselves and be creative and of course, apart from that, it's just plain fun! Watch some of our recital performances here and see what we're talking about. Give your young ‘uns the gift of music.

  • Significant others. Be a romantic and give the gift of music; one of the most powerful expressions of love and emotion on the planet. Music is everywhere and it's always speaking. They might have a dream that died long ago of playing an instrument. Pick that dream back up, dust it off, and wrap it in some (cyberspace) gift wrapping for Christmas.

  • Parents and grandparents. Sometimes the ancestors in your life need a little spice added to their daily routine. They've been grinding away all these years and they need a space to relax and get away from it all. Studies have shown that playing a musical instrument is connected with lower stress levels, a more positive outlook on life and (for the elderly) retainment and strengthening of neurological pathways. Maybe they have an instrument they've always wanted to play or are always talking about the good ol’ days of their past musical escapades. Either way, it’s never too late to start.

STEP 1: Pick the amount of lessons you want to send someone.

STEP 2: Pick the date you want Jacaranda Music Studios to first contact your gift recipient by email.

STEP 3: They can use their credit to book their lesson(s) anytime they want! Their credit never expires!

Gift a 60 Minute Private Lesson

Give the gift of one 60 minute lesson. Includes a free consultation.

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Gift 1 Month Private Lessons

Give the gift of four 30 minute lessons. Includes a free consultation.

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Gift 3 Months Private Lessons

Give the gift of twelve 30 minute lessons. Includes a free consultation.

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