Together with our team of gifted music teachers, we provide dynamic, individualized, and 'just-plain-fun' music lessons for you and your family.


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Private Lessons

From piano to drums to ukulele, we teach a variety of instruments to almost 80 students out of our cozy home studio in Brea. We have no one size fits all teaching strategy. Every student is different, every student unique. We do our best to serve, empower and equip our students to become, excellent musicians and a truer form of themselves.

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Summer Band Sessions is our new 12 week summer program that gives students the opportunity of playing music in a group setting. Playing music with others is an integral part of being a balanced musician. With our new program, we hope to give our students a  space where they can experience and explore playing with each other, try a new instrument or grow on their current instrument. Bands cover rock, pop, blues, indie, jazz and worship song terrain throughout the 12 weeks of jammin' and end it all with a showcase performance by each band. 



Recitals are a special part of the Jacaranda Music Studios experience. We do our recitals a little differently, with a little pizazz. Each recital has a theme. Sometimes we do costumes. Sometimes we all play John Williams. Sometimes we drink hot cocoa. Sometimes we sing together. Classical, jazz, pop, opera, film scores, you name it. We play it all.