Teaching Philosophy

Our approach to music instruction is twofold. Improvisational instruction and theoretical instruction. Improvisation means to create or play music spontaneously. When students are taught how to improvise in music they are primarily using their right brain. This side of music will inspire creativity and light up the imagination. It is the dimension of music through which songs are written and new ideas are born. Composition is the natural extension of improvisation. Students who learn to improvise will find themselves writing music! What often goes overlooked is that improvisation is actually essential to all genres of music, not just jazz or pop. Classical music with written notes requires just as much creativity of interpretation, expression and mood as a jazz song with just a general chord outline.

Theoretical instruction or instruction in music theory is teaching the architecture behind the notes. When we listen to music it drifts into our ears without us having to think much in order to enjoy it but behind those beautiful sounds is the structure, without which, music would be a meaningless jumble of sounds. When students learn the theory of music they are primarily using their left brain. This dimension of music instruction includes note-reading, knowledge of chord structure and recognition of timbre, dynamics, intervals, scales, melody, accompaniment and harmony.

Improvisation is the ethos of music. Theory is the logos. While instruction in theory ensures students learn how to read music and understand the way it works, instruction in improvisation ensures they are learning to interpret and play music with feeling and imagination. We believe that both are necessary in the education of a well-rounded musician.

We also implement very diverse genres of music into our students' repertoire.  We nurture a strong classical tradition of Bach, Beethoven and Mozart but we also believe that jazz, pop and folk songs from around the world are extremely important in shaping a musical mind. We have students who just want to go the classical route and others that just want to play the latest rock songs on the radio. Whatever your area of interest we're excited about it and will work hard to hone your skills in that area.

Ultimately, our goal for our students is to give them a positive and enriching connection with music. Our hope is that our students and their families will be inspired by the education and community they are invited into at Jacaranda Music Studios. We seek to educate and excite, not only the whole person but the whole family. Music should never be separated from community and the family. We work hard to nurture and strengthen that bond at Jacaranda Music Studios!


We wish you all the best in your musical adventures,

David and Grace Vera
Founders of Jacaranda Music Studios